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The Aquabocci Blade slot drain product range is designed to be used in various locations to create a slot drain theme.


The Aquabocci Blade slot drain product range is designed to be used in various locations to create a slot drain theme.

Questions All Homeowners Must Ask Before Purchasing A Slot Drain

Slot drains for pool decks, showers, wet rooms, and courtyards have witnessed a huge rise in popularity over the past decade - especially in luxury homes and contemporary designs.

Here at Aquabocci, we take great pride in supplying the best slot drains on the market for homeowners and building contractors alike. Before purchasing a slot drain system, though, it’s imperative that you find the best choice for your intended application.

The following questions about slot drainage channel systems for residential use should point you in the right direction.

What Exactly Is A Slot Drain?

Before buying a slot drainage channel you must first learn a little more about what they are. Also known as a linear slot drain, it is a long and narrow drain. They feature a slimline grate, which sits below the floor level. Water then finds its way into the drain before falling into a specifically designed channel that subsequently redirects the water into a plumbing system. Once you have drilled the holes in the PVC channel, you can choose from a variety of different size spigot outlets which can be attached to the underside of the PVC channel. The spigot outlets will the connect the groundwork pipes below.

They are suitable for a host of internal and external settings where water may be present. This includes but is not limited to;

  • Slot drains for pool decks,
  • Patio slot drain systems,
  • A slot drainage channel for bi-fold doors,
  • Shower slot drain options,
  • Balcony slot drains.

Why Choose A Slot Drain System ?

A threshold slot drain, which is one that sits level or just below level to the floor, can’t only be used in with sliding or bi-fold doors It also delivers a wide range of practical benefits. Some of the most telling features that you should acknowledge are;

A shallow slot drain makes the home more inviting to your family and guests (or potential buyers), especially when you create a bigger impact with slot drains in all appropriate locations around the home.

The slimline nature of the slot drainage channel prevents blockages caused by large foreign materials finding their way in. This subsequently ensures that water drains away as expected day after day, year after year.

Increased safety. Slot drains for pool decks help prevent trips and falls, especially when used in conjunction with non-slip surfaces.

Shower slot drain systems create a minimal feel to your shower area, providing a sleek slot in the tiles for the water to pass through.

Improved efficiency because the linear slot drain provides an increased volume compared to more traditional drains. This enables a pool slot drain to help the area dry faster while a shower slot drain can handle more water than a smaller centre drain without filling the unit.

Reduced maintenance needs because the slot drainage channel sits below the floor level, meaning it won’t be damaged by accidental trips or kicks. In turn, this simultaneously promotes long-term value for money.

Over 75% of homeowners invest money in home upgrades each year. When updating an area where water management is key, a shallow slot drain is a functional and aesthetically pleasing solution that you can rely on for many years.

What Features Should I Look For When Purchasing Slot Drains?

Appreciating the benefits of having a slot drain is one thing, but it’s equally important to find the best solution for your home.

First and foremost, you must ensure that you have selected the right low profile slot drain for the intended purpose. At Aquabocci, we have an extensive range of products such as the Blade-T external drain for swimming pools or balconies and the Blade Pivot drain for use with pivot doors. Likewise, there are products specifically designed for sliding doors, showers, and other applications.

In addition to finding the right type of slot drainage channel system, you will need to consider several other key issues, such as;

The materials used. At Aquabocci, our luxury linear drainage products are made with PVC channels and fittings along with anodised aluminium grates. This guarantees an efficient performance and removes the risk of mould growth.

Colour options. While a threshold slot drain may not take up much space at floor level, it still needs to look good and integrate with the door and surrounding paving. Aquabocci gives you a choice of Titanium, GT Silver, Black or Champagne solutions. So, you can match the look of your door colour, bathroom brassware or pool patio tiles.

Design flexibility. No two homes are identical. So, it’s always best to choose a linear slot drain that reflects your requirements. The cut-to-measure capabilities and option to incorporate corners or work with the design of the pool or sliding doors ensure thatour products are perfect for all homeowners.

Value for money. Slot drainage channel prices can vary depending on the style and choice of product. However, a premium product at an affordable price will deliver winning results that leave you smiling for the long haul. They also offer easy installations for internal and external applications.

Maintenance. Whether it’s a shower or patio slot drain, having a robust unit that sits flush with the floor instantly promotes low maintenance requirements. Meanwhile, grates can be easily lifted with the aquabocci lifting keyallowing for easy access after the drain and tiles have been installed.

Depending on the application, you will also want a slot drain that features anodised aluminium to protect it against rust or tea staining from chlorine. and/or salt water.

When Should The Slot Drainage Channel Be Fitted?

A shallow slot drain can be a worthwhile investment for wet rooms, pool decks, and sliding door installations. While slot drains can often be incorporated into existing features, it makes sense to incorporate them within new installations where possible.

When Installing the drain at the same time as waterproofing and tiling, slot drainage channel prices and installations feed into the overall installation of a door, pool, or shower design. Furthermore, you can be sure that the right sizes are selected and that all items are perfectly integrated with each other for the most convenient installation and best long-term performance.

Whether managing rainwater, swimming pool water, or shower water doesn't matter. Slot drains are a modern solution that brings luxury vibes and a practical function. To learn more or find the best option for your intended application, do not hesitate to call our friendly advisors now.

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We offer a 10-year warranty on all Aquabocci Products.

If you have bought any of our products and they have not performed as they should, Aquabocci will repair or replace them. In order to be eligible for the warranty, please register your purchase below.


The PVC or Aluminium splitting - Aluminium rusting or tea staining - Extreme colour fading of the Aluminium grates.


The PVC or Aluminium being physically damaged - Water leaking as a result of faulty or incorrect installation - Water leaking as a result of glue or adhesive failure - Water leaking as a result of insufficient amount of spigot outlets - Water leaking as a result of incorrect installation of Aquabocci connectors or end caps - Water leaking as a result of incorrect installation of Aquabocci spigot outlets or after market spigot outlets - Aluminium rusting or tea staining as a result of being in contact or exposed to other rusty metal finishes - Scratching of the Aluminium surface - Aluminium colour fading from use of chemicals, acid wash or abrasive cleaning products - Water leaking as a result of the R-47 Threshold Drain or R-47 x Blade Threshold Drains not being correctly attached to any type of door system including: sliding doors, bi-fold doors, pivot doors, track doors, patio doors, etc


Clean Aquabocci products using detergent and water - For easy maintenance use the Aquabocci lifting tool to remove the Aluminium grates - Regularly clean out the PVC channels if they have a build up of dirt and leaves - Check that the spigot outlets are free from dirt and leaves and not blocked.


Ensure the Aluminium does not come into contact with chemicals, acid wash or abrasive cleaning products - Install Aluminium grates after tiles have been installed - Install Aluminium grates after tiles have been cleaned and sealed

If you would like to claim using the Aquabocci Warranty please contact CLAIM AQUABOCCI UK Phone: 020 3697 1252

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