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Fast assembly Swimming Pool Drain Systems including straight lengths and corner pieces.

A Swimming Pool Drain System that is available in 4 anodised colours guaranteed not to rust or tea stain around salt water or chlorine. 


Fast assembly Swimming Pool Drain Systems including straight lengths and corner pieces.

A Swimming Pool Drain System that is available in 4 anodised colours guaranteed not to rust or tea stain around salt water or chlorine. 

Reasons Why Pool Drains Cannot Be An Afterthought In Your Design

Home swimming pools are a luxury design feature that is synonymous with high-quality living and are now seen in over 270,000 homes around the country. If you are planning to join this community, understanding the importance of pool drains is essential.

Whether it's a new structure or redevelopment project, swimming pool drains should be a priority for all builders, architects, homeowners, and plumbers. Whether it’s a pool floor drain or a pool deck drain, Aquabocci has a range of premium quality pool drains at an affordable price. The combination of luxury style and reliable performance will enhance your home and quality of life with truly stunning results.

What are the main benefits of Aquabocci Linear Pool Drains:

  • Anodised grates will not rust or tea-stain.
  • Grates avaialble in 4 stunning colours to match your tile.
  • Fast Assembly fitting system connect straight lengths and corner pieces.
  • A selection of 6 different grate width and channel depth.
  • Optional WunderGrip Non-Slip Finish with CSIRO R-13 Slip Rating.

Here are just 10 reasons why you must overlook this key part of the design.

#1.Pool Drains Keep People Safe

First and foremost, a suitable swimming pool drainage system prevents trips and falls. Pooling water and puddles will make the tiles or concrete surrounding the perimeter of the pool very slippery. Falling over on hard surfaces will naturally lead to bumps, bruises, and potentially broken bones.

With products like the A30 low profile drain, though, water drains away quickly to leave the surrounding areas dry. And with the optional non-slip WunderGrip finish, our family’s safety will be greater than ever. Given that safety should be the top feature in all swimming pool designs, Aquabocci’s products are the answer.

#2. Aquabocci Linear Drains Are Anodised and Salt

Preventing slips and falls isn’t the only way that pool drainage channel will protect users on a daily basis. It is known that mould thrives in wet, humid, and damp conditions. Consequently, then, pooling water on the deck or surrounding areas of the pool will significantly increase the risk of mould growth. This includes the speed at which it spreads.

Avoiding and staying on top of mould problems is essential for many reasons. Firstly, it will cause significant damage to your family’s respiratory health and is particularly dangerous for children or elderly relatives. Meanwhile, it looks unsightly and can quickly cause damage to tiles, swimming pool linings, and surrounding areas. Aquabocci’s premium quality anodised grates are guaranteed not to rust or tea stain around swimming pools, making them the ideal choice for your swimming pool.

#3. Good Drainage Around Pool Areas Promotes Longevity

Swimming pools are a major financial investment. While it is one that will significantly enhance your quality of life, it’s important to put the right features in place to extend its lifespan and reduce your maintenance needs. Whether it’s an ultra low profile pool drain or another solution is up to you. Either way, though, you need a system that will allow you to enjoy the benefits for years. Ours are designed with your long-term needs in mind, with all spigots, end caps, and connectors sure to provide the best quality on the market.

Without swimming pool drains, excess water can get behind the lining of the pool, which will speed up wear and tear. Likewise, if debris from outside the pool is swept into the pool, it poses a risk of blocked pool filter systems. When combined with the anti-mould growth properties, the importance of pool drain installations is clear.

#4. Swimming Pool Drains Saves Money In The Long Run

Whether building the swimming pool for yourself or a client, it’s important that decisions are made with financial matters in mind. Low profile swimming pool drainage channel solutions start at just £130 while other products in the Aquabocci range are very competitively priced too. Crucially, they’ll save you a fortune in the long run due to the high quality materials used throughout the systems.

An efficient swimming pool drainage channel won’t only protect the pool lining and filter systems. It will also protect the deck or patio. Similarly, it will stop surrounding plants and soils from becoming damaged by the chemicals within your pool. After all, without drainage, the pool water will spill over onto the garden. Better still, they can be cut to your required dimensions, making them the ideal choice to add luxury to an existing pool structure.

#5. A Designer Pool Drain Completes The Look

Home swimming pools are often seen as the ultimate status symbol for the home, and will certainly make the homeowner’s property the envy of their neighbours. While they offer many benefits, such as providing an outlet for daily exercise or fun with the family there is no doubt that appearances count for a lot.

While a pool deck drain can be ideal when you need to empty the pool for maintenance, a perimeter swimming pool drainage channel adds to the aesthetics as well as the function. For starters, products like the Blade-T external drain provide a finishing touch and satisfy the expectation of what a great pool looks like. It also keeps the garden looking great. Aquabocci is known for producing the most versatile drainage systems on the market. So, finding the perfect match for the design of your pool and property is ease.

#6. Keep Your Swimming Pool Clean With A Linear Pool Drain

The number of monthly swimmers in the UK has declined rapidly over recent years. Having a home pool is the best way to remain an active swimmer, but that only happens if the pool remains clean. When debris makes its way into the pool, it becomes far less inviting. Products like Aquabocci's A30 low profile swimming pool drain system help prevent this.

Likewise, avoiding mold around the edge and protecting the filters is sure to help maintain the appearance of the pool. In turn, you will be far more likely to use it frequently while also avoiding illness from swallowing dirty water. A pool drain can also be used to achieve the perfect look for years to come but it’s worth it.

#7. The Right Pool Drain Product Will Aid Comfort

Before you even dive into the pool, you will need to step onto the surrounding tiles or materials. Pool drains that are expertly fitted to integrate with the slabs provide the most comfortable feeling underfoot. Quality products like the A25 ultra low profile swimming pool drain sit a few millimetres under the level of your floor, meaning you won’t even notice it underfoot or catch your toes. This is one feature that gives our products an advantage over many on the market.

Aside from taking up minimal space, they help keep the tiles dry and free from pooling water. This helps you avoid any sticky or slimy feelings on the soles of your feet. As such, channel drains are vital for maintaining comfort. In turn, this will enhance the experience of using the pool, which will make it a far wiser investment for the family.

#8. Pool Drains Also Collect Rainwater

A pool drainage facility is primarily designed to manage excess water that spills out of the pool onto the perimeter area. However, it should not be forgotten that it can also serve to collect rainwater and stop flooding in this area. Of course, you will still need to use a pool cover or roller to protect the pool itself.

Nevertheless, managing rainwater with a pool deck drain system can speed up the drying time. So, the pool and deck will be reusable far sooner. It can also help flooding the grass due to run off. Despite the slimline designs, that are often just 120mm wide and 25mm, they work as efficiently as far larger drain systems. This compact yet efficiency design certainly adds to the luxurious vibes you deserve.

#9. A Pool Drainage System Adds Value To The Pool

When designing a pool - either for your family or on behalf of a client - the first objective is to ensure that it satisfies the aesthetic and functional demands of the user. Nonetheless, the average cost of building an outdoor pool sits between £60,000 and £150,000 depending on size, location, and building materials. So, you must take ROIs into account.

Having the right drainage around pool solutions in place won’t suddenly add £250,000 to the property value. However, it is a key feature that will increase the value of the pool and home for minimal outlay. Moreover, when it comes to selling the property, it will seem more attractive to prospective buyers. The pool should be one of the most luxurious features of the entire home, do not let yourself down by accepting an inferior pool drain.

#10. If You Get It Wrong, You’ll Regret It

Finally, adding a pool floor drain and a perimeter pool drain is something most pool owners know they should do. Or if they don’t during the planning phases, they will soon realise it after the installation. If you want to truly enjoy the home swimming pool to the max, it is imperative that you include this key feature.

Here at Aquabocci, we supply premium draining products for homeowners and pool builders. Our channel and fittings are made from PVC plastic and the grates and made from anodised aluminium to provide stunning results that last. Their quality and function is further highlighted by the fact that the grates can be easily lifted our of place when needed. To learn more about the best option for your installation, get in touch today. Together, we’ll ensure that your installation goes swimmingly.

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The PVC or Aluminium being physically damaged - Water leaking as a result of faulty or incorrect installation - Water leaking as a result of glue or adhesive failure - Water leaking as a result of insufficient amount of spigot outlets - Water leaking as a result of incorrect installation of Aquabocci connectors or end caps - Water leaking as a result of incorrect installation of Aquabocci spigot outlets or after market spigot outlets - Aluminium rusting or tea staining as a result of being in contact or exposed to other rusty metal finishes - Scratching of the Aluminium surface - Aluminium colour fading from use of chemicals, acid wash or abrasive cleaning products - Water leaking as a result of the R-47 Threshold Drain or R-47 x Blade Threshold Drains not being correctly attached to any type of door system including: sliding doors, bi-fold doors, pivot doors, track doors, patio doors, etc


Clean Aquabocci products using detergent and water - For easy maintenance use the Aquabocci lifting tool to remove the Aluminium grates - Regularly clean out the PVC channels if they have a build up of dirt and leaves - Check that the spigot outlets are free from dirt and leaves and not blocked.


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