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Aquabocci design and manufacture the most versatile flush threshold drain products on the market today. Aquabocci threshold drain systems include a side entry and membrane to drain the water from the door track into the threshold drain allowing you to create a flush threshold drain.


Aquabocci design and manufacture the most versatile flush threshold drain products on the market today. Aquabocci threshold drain systems include a side entry and membrane to drain the water from the door track into the threshold drain allowing you to create a flush threshold drain.

Why Are Flush Threshold Drains The Best Choice For Your Sliding Doors ?

Slidingdoors and bi-fold doors have enjoyed a huge rise in popularity in recent times as homeowners look to create seamless connections between internal and external living spaces. When looking to embrace this modern trend, threshold drains are a key design feature that deserves your attention.

Here at Aquabocci, we supply homeowners and sliding door companies with a range of door threshold drain solutions including the award-winning R-47
x Blade . Let’s take a look at why adding a low profile threshold drain or threshold slot drain to your system should be high on the agenda.

Bi-fold Door Threshold Drainage Works Efficiently

When considering door threshold drain options, you will naturally seek an attractive solution that also offers value for money. Before worrying about this, though, you must check that any threshold drain must function as expected. When you do, the need to choose a drain that will drain the water from your door track, becomes clear.

The UK sees average annual rainfall of 800mm to 1400mm, the big question you have to ask is simple: do all types of channel drain products actually stop water from getting inside your home ?

Dedicated bi-fold / sliding door threshold drainage channel products deliver the best solution on the market. By integrating with the weep holes that are found within the track of the door system, the R-47 Threshold Drain will effectively collect the water and redirect it to the groundwork pipes and away from the property. This is achieved courtesy of a side entry and membrane sleeve.

As well as providing a flush threshold drain for doors that looks great, it stops water from finding its way into the home. This subsequently stops water damage to the track or other parts of the sliding doors, as well as the flooring on the internal side of the door. Avoiding moisture also reduces the risk of mould growth.

Aside from protecting your property, an efficient drainage threshold will save you from having to wipe a towel around the bottom of the sliding door. For added convenience and comfort, a threshold drain channel is the best choice by far.

A Threshold Drain Provides A Seamless Aesthetic

Bi-fold door systems and sliding doors offer many benefits increased energy efficiency and improved flow between internal and external areas. However, a door threshold drainage channel is one that sits directly beneath the track also provides a seamless aesthetic.

Firstly, a flush threshold drain for doors connecting internal and external spaces is not really seen due to their positioning. Moreover, slot threshold drains can be cut to any size, which subsequently means that they may be used with any sliding door or bi-fold door structure.

A threshold drain channel that integrates with the track allows you to create a level look that makes patios and other outside settings look even better. On a side note, removing the step down into the garden area also removes a potential trip hazard for, children and older relatives. So, it’s an ideal choice for safety as well as aesthetics.

Whether the sliding door is open or shut, threshold drains are a great choice that provides a visually pleasing finish to your project - not least because those benefits can be enjoyed from both the inside looking out and the outside looking in.

Crucially, a threshold drain channel can incorporate corner sections to provide even greater aesthetic flexibility. Meanwhile, the spigots can be positioned anywhere to connect with 50mm or 110mm pipes.

A Door Threshold Drainage Channel Is Cost-Effective

Research suggests that a patio door replacement in the UK can be expensive, while new installations and designs will fluctuate in price depending on size and the complexity of design. Either way, it’s a significant project that requires attention. When looking for added value, sliding door threshold drainage are vital.

A door threshold drainage channel will increase the cost of the project, but not by a huge amount when considered as a percentage. Crucially, the fact that it supports the longevity of the doors while also protecting the areas on either side of the entry point will save you money in the long run. Not least because Aquabocci is an experienced supplier that works with products that feature a durable EPDM Membrane capable of satisfying your needs for years to come.

It’s also important to remember that time is money. Frankly, the fast assembly fitting system with internal and external corner pieces also saves you money on labour costs. Moreover, our bi fold door drainage threshold solution services allow homeowners or contractors to select the exact products that they need. This includes end caps, spigots, connectors, and even glue. When combined with the cut-to-specification section lengths, wasting money on unnecessary threshold slot drain features is not an issue.

When choosing our products, the grates can be easily removed with the Aquabocci lifting key. So, if you do encounter any issues or need to fix a problem, it will be a far easier task. Regardless of whether you take the DIY route or call a pro.

The knowledge that the sliding door threshold drain system makes financial sense, as well as logistical sense, allows users to select a system from us with 100% confidence.

A Low Profile Threshold Drain Puts Your Mind At Ease

When completing home improvement projects for yourself or a client, it’s likely that there will be a long list of jobs to consider. After all, UK homeowners spend upwards of £21 billion per year on home upgrades. With a sliding door threshold drain system in place, you can be sure that this job remains under control.

Bifold door threshold drainage and threshold grates aren’t a fad or short-term solution. They provide the best drainage threshold solution for bi-folds or sliding doors on the market and use the latest technology to integrate with modern track doors for long-term success. Even when it comes to selling a property, a sliding door threshold drainage system that helps the doors achieve an inviting atmosphere will make the home more sellable.

In short, a flush threshold drainage system that looks great and functions as expected is one of the most important features of the entire project. To learn more about bifold door threshold drainage options, contact us at salesuk@aquabocci.com

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The PVC or Aluminium splitting - Aluminium rusting or tea staining - Extreme colour fading of the Aluminium grates.


The PVC or Aluminium being physically damaged - Water leaking as a result of faulty or incorrect installation - Water leaking as a result of glue or adhesive failure - Water leaking as a result of insufficient amount of spigot outlets - Water leaking as a result of incorrect installation of Aquabocci connectors or end caps - Water leaking as a result of incorrect installation of Aquabocci spigot outlets or after market spigot outlets - Aluminium rusting or tea staining as a result of being in contact or exposed to other rusty metal finishes - Scratching of the Aluminium surface - Aluminium colour fading from use of chemicals, acid wash or abrasive cleaning products - Water leaking as a result of the R-47 Threshold Drain or R-47 x Blade Threshold Drains not being correctly attached to any type of door system including: sliding doors, bi-fold doors, pivot doors, track doors, patio doors, etc


Clean Aquabocci products using detergent and water - For easy maintenance use the Aquabocci lifting tool to remove the Aluminium grates - Regularly clean out the PVC channels if they have a build up of dirt and leaves - Check that the spigot outlets are free from dirt and leaves and not blocked.


Ensure the Aluminium does not come into contact with chemicals, acid wash or abrasive cleaning products - Install Aluminium grates after tiles have been installed - Install Aluminium grates after tiles have been cleaned and sealed

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