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Channel Drains

Aquabocci Balcony Drain systems feature a fast assembly fitting systems that is available in 4 colour ways to customise your Balcony Drain.

The range of garden drainage systems includes the extra slim Blade Profiles as well as the larger A30 and S66 grate garden drainage systems.


Channel Drains

Aquabocci Balcony Drain systems feature a fast assembly fitting systems that is available in 4 colour ways to customise your Balcony Drain.

The range of garden drainage systems includes the extra slim Blade Profiles as well as the larger A30 and S66 grate garden drainage systems.



Looking for aesthetically pleasing and functional channel drains? Explore our range today and discover how Aquabocci channel drains can enhance the look of your project.

Where there’s water, there has to be a drain. Failing to do so often leads to a buildup of water that could become a breeding ground for mould and germs, or it could lead to structural damage if not managed correctly. Drains have been used for centuries to remove unwanted water, and mankind has innovated with unique drainage systems that are more effective, but also aesthetically pleasing.

Enter the channel drain, also known as a trench drain or sometimes a linear drain. These are versatile and effective drainage solutions that can remove a large volume of water more quickly while also looking great at the same time.

Not sure if a channel drain is right for your project? Read on to discover more about our designer and functional channel drains and why they could be the right choice for your renovation or build.

What are channel drains?

Channel drains are typically long trench-like drains that are designed to drain water from various surfaces. Typically, this means draining unwanted water from places. It could be your driveway, around your swimming pool, or even on your balcony. Any place where water can pool up, you’ll usually find some kind of drain to remove the excess water. But for places that experience heavy rainfall or excess water, a channel drain can be a great solution that offers functionality and beautiful aesthetics.

Unlike typical point drains, a channel drain features a long removable grate that has multiple points of drainage. This makes it easy for a channel drain to move large volumes of water in a short amount of time. Aquaboccci provides a lifting key remove the grate making cleaning the drain easy, and you’ll have no trouble removing larger blockages should something get stuck.

Aquabocci Channel Drains

Aquabocci offers a number of different channel drain systems that feature fast assembly fitting systems. They’re available in a number of different colours and we also offer extra accessories such as corner pieces, connectors, and more.

Our company specialises in low profile drainage channels and door threshold drainage channel products to be used in any application where water needs to be quickly drained, such as wet rooms, balconies, driveways, swimming pools and patio drainage channel. They can be cut down to any length that you require, and we also include corner pieces, end caps, connectors, and spigots for ease of installation.

We also offer channel drains that are designed for specific purposes, such as our R-47 door threshold drainage channel products. The R-47 is a series of 3 products specifically for a flush finish shallow drainage channel. These can be installed next to sliding door tracks and bi-fold door systems. The purpose is to assist in draining any water that could leak into a door track, while also providing drainage to prevent water from flowing into the track itself. It’s built with anti-corrosion materials and has a non-slip coating, making it safe for use in doorways.

The benefits of channel drains

Channel drains are versatile and offer a number of benefits, such as the following:

  • Efficient removal of excess water. Alow profile drainage channel is very effective at removing water because it has several openings for water to drain through. This means it can move a larger volume of water in a shorter amount of time. It also means that channel drains are viable in commercial situations too, such as a restaurant kitchen or parking lot.
  • Easy to maintain and clean. Despite being a long and aesthetically pleasing drain, drainage channels are actually very easy to clean. All you have to do is remove the grate and then scrub and clean the grate itself.
  • Simple to remove blockages. Blockages happen from time to time on all drains, but cleaning them from a low profile drainage channel is surprisingly simple because you can remove the drain. This allows you to pluck out any blockages, or simply clean them off the grate.
  • Beautiful aesthetics.Shallow drainage channel products are designed to sit flush with the floor, leading to some amazing aesthetics. They’re often designed to blend in with their environments, but they can also have unique patterns in the openings to create an aesthetically pleasing yet functional feature.

Where are channel drains used ?

A drainage channel can be used in a variety of different settings, such as the following:

  • Patio drainage channel - If you experience heavy rainfall or often have water on your patio from activities like gardening, then having a patio drainage channel means you can easily remove excess water.
  • Garden drainage channel - For people who use a lot of water in their garden, such as for watering plants and growing crops, a channel drain can be useful to relieve your garden of excess water. This will help control the amount of water in your garden and ensure that it’s not drowning in water.
  • Shower channel drain - Channel drains are suitable for use in bathrooms, showers, and wetrooms. The large openings are great for quickly draining water out, and their aesthetically pleasing design can make it fit any style of decor.
  • Commercial kitchens - Commercial kitchens often create a lot of waste. This could be oils, random scraps of food, liquids, and so on. These are often cleaned and swept up, but there needs to be a drainage area for all the water and soap to go. This is where a wide and shallow drainage channel comes in handy.
  • Driveway Channel Drain - Another ideal use for a drainage channel is a driveway channel drain. For instance, there could be a driveway sloping down towards the garage, so a driveway channel drain is ideal for keeping the water out of the garage area. This can be easily maintained using the aquabocci lifting key to remove the leaves and debris.
  • Door threshold drainage channel - If you have bi-fold or sliding doors then you’ll notice that water can occasionally build up in the door tracks and potentially go inside the home. To prevent this, you can install a door threshold drainage channel to prevent the buildup of water on your sliding doors.


Channel drains are great for many different purposes, and their aesthetically pleasing design helps them fit into a variety of use cases. If you’re interested in learning more about the design and functionality of our drainage channel products, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our experts today.

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The PVC or Aluminium splitting - Aluminium rusting or tea staining - Extreme colour fading of the Aluminium grates.


The PVC or Aluminium being physically damaged - Water leaking as a result of faulty or incorrect installation - Water leaking as a result of glue or adhesive failure - Water leaking as a result of insufficient amount of spigot outlets - Water leaking as a result of incorrect installation of Aquabocci connectors or end caps - Water leaking as a result of incorrect installation of Aquabocci spigot outlets or after market spigot outlets - Aluminium rusting or tea staining as a result of being in contact or exposed to other rusty metal finishes - Scratching of the Aluminium surface - Aluminium colour fading from use of chemicals, acid wash or abrasive cleaning products - Water leaking as a result of the R-47 Threshold Drain or R-47 x Blade Threshold Drains not being correctly attached to any type of door system including: sliding doors, bi-fold doors, pivot doors, track doors, patio doors, etc


Clean Aquabocci products using detergent and water - For easy maintenance use the Aquabocci lifting tool to remove the Aluminium grates - Regularly clean out the PVC channels if they have a build up of dirt and leaves - Check that the spigot outlets are free from dirt and leaves and not blocked.


Ensure the Aluminium does not come into contact with chemicals, acid wash or abrasive cleaning products - Install Aluminium grates after tiles have been installed - Install Aluminium grates after tiles have been cleaned and sealed

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