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A Slot Drain: An Innovative Solution for Your Home?

Blade-T Slot Drainage Channel

Ensuring that you protect your home in every way is not just about the structure but about the little things. This is where a slot drain can be an invaluable and innovative solution for your home. When most people think about drainage, they may consider the large systems that are unsightly in every single way. However, if your drains are exposed, you may need a slot drain, not just to do the job it’s meant to do, but can also blend seamlessly into your home style. So, what are slot drains, what are the benefits, and how can you use them?

What Is a Slot Drain?

A slot drain is very simply a type of drainage that looks like a thin slot in the floor. Its purpose is to direct water into a larger drainage channel and then disappear into the floor, therefore having minimal impact on the look and feel of the space. 

Equally at home in an outdoor paved area or inside on a balcony, you have a number of options at your disposal to create something that is functional while also not compromising the look of the space. As a result, you can make a number of design choices that don't accommodate a large draining solution while also increasing the functional factor, which is where Aquabocci thrive with their next-generation drainage solutions.

What Are the Benefits of Slot Drains?

Blade Shower Slot Drain

There are almost infinite benefits of slot drains in the home. These include:

A Discrete Design

While it's not our responsibility to think about how wastewater flows away from the property, we need to maximize our home's functions so we can operate at its most efficient. Slot drains like Aquabocci’s Blade-T External Slot Drain are extremely slim, fitting into flooring or corners and being virtually invisible. 

Perfectly suited for locations like pool areas or balconies because of their capacity to drive water away, they can also be of use in places like courtyards, wet rooms, and commercial kitchens, all with a sleek modern design that is unnoticeable and blend seamlessly into any modern aesthetic.

Excellent in Small Spaces

We want functions and utilities to do the job while also not intruding on the home's aesthetic. Slot drains are incredibly versatile and can be used in different settings within the home as they take up a very limited amount of space on the top surface. 

This means you have greater scope for your wet room or shower area without having to work around larger drainage solutions. Products like the Blade Shower Kit  create a sleek finish in your bathroom area and are at home in both residential and commercial settings.

High-Quality Water Management

Directing water away from any property in cases of major water spills or heavy rainfall is essential. Having a slot drain means that you're not only able to collect any offending rainfall or water but can also redirect it away from the property so it doesn't cause damage to surfaces, especially if it's chlorinated water or saltwater. The Blade-T External Slot Drain has a flow rate of up to 38 litres per minute with a 50 mm outlet and up to 44 litres per minute with a 90 mm outlet, guaranteeing excellent water drainage for your peace of mind.

Easy to Use

A slot drain provides many benefits, but ultimately, we need to get everything set up as hassle-free as possible. All you need to do is install the drain and place a floor of your choosing on top. With our comprehensive installation instructions, you will make short work of the Aquabocci lifting drain. What's more, it's easy to use with its number of great features, including the lifting key, ensuring you can keep the drain clear, allowing for easy maintenance.

What Are the Different types of Aquabocci Slot Drains ?

Blade-T Linear Slot Drain

Aquabocci produces 4 different Slot Drain models, called the Blade series. Each product has its own unique shape and thickness that have been designed to fit into different locations on your project:


  1. Blade-T External Slot Drain: A slot drain that features a large drainage cavity below the slot allowing for a big flow rate. The Blade-T is unique in that if offers a minimal design and a large flow rate, most commonly used on balconies, courtyard areas and swimming pools.

  2. R-47 x Blade Threshold Drain: Now you can continue that blade slot drain theme throughout your project with the R-47 x Blade Threshold Drain. Like our R-47 threshold drain, this product features the side entry and membrane to drain your door track. The blade grate sits right beside your door and is available in 4 standard anodised colours to match your door.
  3. Blade Shower Kit: If you are looking to create a minimal feel in your bathroom, then the Blade Shower Kit is for you: The anodised grate sits between the tiles to create a slot for the water to pass through in the most minimal way possible.  The Kit features a Syphon trap and membrane and is available in 1200mm and 2400mm lengths that can be cut to length on site. Select from 4 standard colours to match your taps or tile colour.
  4. Blade Pivot Drain: Developed to act as a water barrier below your pivot door, the Blade Pivot sits between the interior and exterior floor finish to stop water passing under the door. The product is not suitable to drain your paved area and the exterior paving should be sloped away from the door. Available in lengths of 1200mm and 2400mm that are easily cut to size, and 4 anodised colours.

Where Is a Slot Drain Most Useful?


Whoever you are, there are many effective uses for slot drains. From landlords who need to preserve their property, property developers who are creating their dream home, or homeowners who need some extra functionality, everyone can all benefit from slot drains in a number of different settings:
  • Courtyards to preserve outdoor paved areas in adverse weather.

  • Wet rooms or bathrooms with walk-in showers to ensure adequate drainage and a stylish design.

  • Balconies, which can enable safe access to the space.

  • Commercial kitchens can also benefit from slot drains arising from spillages.

Are You Looking for the Right Slot Drain?

Finding the right slot drain for your property is essential, and one of the most important solutions is to find the right provider. We offer a number of Slot Drain options and can also help you in every part of your drainage journey. If you are looking for the perfect slot drain solution, please call our office to find out more.

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