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Keep Your Balcony Usable All-Year-Round with a Low Profile Drainage Channel

Aquabocci-uk-low-profile-drainAquabocci A25 Ultra Low Profile Drain

Balconies can add the wow factor to any property, making them an architectural dream. Unfortunately, the heavy rainfall that’s dampened UK summers and winters alike over recent years means that balconies with the potential to be the hub of the home are often going to waste. 

With the superior drainage that’s possible through the installation of low-profile drainage channel during the building stages, it’s easier to create balconies that are truly usable all year round. Our range of Low profile drainage channel include variants like the extra slim Blade-T External, and the larger-grate design A30.

With requirements for shallow channels of just 2.5-5 cm deep, low profile drains can be installed with limited floor build-up, making them ideal for above-ground installations like balconies. In this article, we consider what low profile drainage has to offer, and why it could turn any balcony from an unused space into the best spot in the house.

What is Low Profile Drainage?

Drainage channel low profile products are most commonly used on balconies and areas where limited floor build up is available. Typically 25mm - 50mm deep rather than deep profile drains that require channels that are around 10-15 cm. Low profile drains can achieve the same flow rates as deep profile drains by increasing the number of water outlets below the channel.

Aquabocci provides a range of 6 channel drain low profile linear grate designs that span across widths including 24mm, 32mm, 66mm and 120mm. In each instance, simple installations, and thus prime flow rates, are ensured thanks to fast assembly fitting solutions that can be easily joined using pcs and end caps. Without requiring the relocation of any ground pipes, Aquabocci’s low profile drains make it possible to avoid flooding, slippery tiles, or the development of scum and mould across balcony tiles in both the depths of winter and the prime of British summer. 

Why is Low Profile Drainage Great for Balconies?

aquabocci-uk-low-profile-drainAquabocci A30 Low Profile Drainage Channel

Requirements of just 3-5cm deep installations make low profile drainage channels ideal for superior drainage solutions on even above-ground installations like balconies, where the 10-15 cm depths required by deep profile drains simply aren’t practical. 

The variety and customisations possible across Aquabocci’s low profile drains make them especially appealing for use on a wide range of balconies thanks to varying grate sizes, flush-to-floor finishes, and modules that are available in different lengths. 90-degree corner pieces can even be used with rounded or curved balconies. In each instance, Aquabocci’s low profile drains make it easier to achieve simple, quick-to-install drainage solutions that not only allow for safe balcony installations in the first place but also ensure all-weather balcony functionality like never before.

Balcony low profile drains can be installed in a variety of positions depending on requirements, including against terrace walls, down balcony centre lines, and attached below the door track. More than one low profile drain installation can ensure that the entire square footage of a balcony remains flood-free in all weathers. 

Can I Create A Flush Finish Using Aquabocci Low Profile Drains ?

We all like the idea of a flush finish from your kitchen to your outdoor area, however without the correct drainage design things can go wrong quickly. By installing a threshold drain across your door and an additional drain away from the property you will create a complete drainage solution.

Our R-47 Low Threshold Drain Series feature a membrane that allows your door track to drain into the side of the drainage channel. The product is a kit system that includes straight lengths and corner pieces that are joined using the aquabocci connectors and end caps. You can attach the spigot outlets in any location along the PVC channel allowing for a custom fit. 

The product is available in 3 versions: 

- R-47

- R-47 Low Profile 

- R-47 x Blade “ Winner Red Dot Award 2019 "

It is important to slope your patio tiles away from the sliding door and direct the rainwater into a low profile channel drain that is positioned away from the house. For this application Aquabocci has 4 unique products:

- A30 Low Profile Drain

- A25 Low Profile Drain

- S66 Slimline Drain

- Blade-T External Slot Drain

Aside from simply transforming UK balconies, low profile drainage can also be used for further installations that include – 

  • Wet rooms

  • Swimming pools

  • Driveways

  • And more

Keeping Balconies Stylish and Functional

aquabocci-uk-low-profile-drainAquabocci S66 Low Profile Drain

The premium functionality of low profile drainage is undeniable, but ensuring balcony use also means guaranteeing style. Aquabocci low profile drains ensure precisely this, starting with benefits like the size customisations mentioned. With the option to lay flush low profile drains according to the specific dimensions and shape of any balcony, it’s possible to keep drainage subtle, sleek, and fully operational.

Aquabocci also offer four colour choices across their low profile drains, which are:

  • GT silver

  • Titanium

  • Black

  • Champagne

It’s possible to keep Aquabocci low profile drains almost entirely invisible or incorporate them into balcony style choices by providing a tease of colour.

The A30 Low Profile Drain the smallest channel drain on the market and can be great for a subtle finish on a small balcony space, while the Blade T External Drain, includes height-adjustable spacers that can seamlessly match the thickness of even large tiles across a sizeable balcony. By factoring for considerations like these as early as possible during the design stage, it’s never been easier to ensure great-looking balconies that are irresistible on even winter evenings. 

All the Drainage Power, but With Balconies in Mind

Enjoy Aquabocci’s drainage expertise for your balcony installations by browsing their  complete collection of low profile drains. Extensive, seamless balcony drainage has never been easier to get right according to your client’s requests. The unique results possible with Aquabocci will certainly see any balcony of your design getting used at last, no matter the weather. 

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