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From Your Balcony To Your Wet Room.. Aquabocci Has A Linear Drains To Suit.

Linear drains have a significant impact on how bathrooms and showers are designed. Whether you’re looking to install a wetroom in your home or want to upgrade your simple shower room, drains are an important consideration because all of that excess water needs to go somewhere. While you can install a relatively simple shower or wetroom drainage solution, why not explore the benefits and applications of Aquabocci’s luxury linear drains?


What are linear drains?

Linear drains are also known as linear shower drains or channel drains. They’re a type of plumbing fixture that is used to remove excess water from wet areas in your home. They are most commonly used in bathrooms, shower rooms, or wetrooms. However, they can also be effective for less common installations, such as a swimming pool.

A linear drain is often long and narrow with a repeated pattern. It could be small dots and squares or something more discreet to fit the rest of your decor. Most linear drains installed to be flush with the floor, and they tend to blend in with the surrounding surface. The exact installation can change based on your preferences.


Aquabocci drains

Aquabocci offers a number of linear drains that are designed specifically for high-end showers, bathrooms, wetrooms, and other residential and commercial applications.

Our S66 Shower Kit linear drain can be cut to size to fit any custom installation, and is complemented by a large variety of additional products, such as corner pieces, end caps, and tools to remove the grate. The material is protected against salt and chlorine, making it suitable for use around swimming pools and in commercial areas. The fast assembly fitting system makes it easy to install while also allowing for custom shapes to fit any use case.

If you’re looking for something a bit more high-end with a unique design, then our Ribbon Shower Kit is the perfect answer. It has an alluring silhouette design that instantly transforms any shower or wetroom into something more luxurious, and it’s available in four different colours to match your use case. You can customise the length to fit your installation, and we also offer corner pieces, end caps, connectors, and other extras to help make installation and maintenance a breeze.

If you’d like to learn more about the Aquabocci linear drain product range, don’t hesitate to contact us directly or check out our product pages for more technical information.


What are the benefits of linear drains?

In order to understand the benefits of linear drains, we have to look at what the main problems of a drain are.

For starters, most drains tend to have a flow problem. If you have a gentle shower, then you’re not creating much excess water, and a simple point drain can keep up. However, a more powerful shower is often preferred, especially in high-end bathrooms, and this can cause a lot more water to build up on the floor of your shower or wetroom. To counteract this, it’s important to have a larger drain like out A30 Shower Kit to facilitate a higher flow rate. This is a problem that linear drains solve. Linear drains are longer than regular point drains, and they often have more space to drain the excess water, resulting in a much more pleasant shower or wetroom experience.

Another common issue is that regular shower and wetroom drains tend to clog, especially if they have small drainage holes for safety or aesthetic purposes. In comparison, a linear slot drain like the Blade Shower Drain is often designed to have larger openings, making it easier for soapy water and debris to escape. The result is less clogging and less pooling of water in your shower or wetroom.

Finally, a linear drainage system can be more aesthetically pleasing and accessible. A linear drain sits flush with the floor, meaning there is no visible bump or dip, and they can often be installed on the edges of a wetroom or shower so that they’re out of the way. Thanks to their design, linear drains can be used in many areas outside of the bathroom. They can be used around swimming pools and in patio areas to prevent flooding during heavy rain seasons.

So to summarise, here are the top benefits of linear drains:


  • No more flow problems. Linear drains have fewer flow problems because they are larger and have more openings for water to drain through.
  • Less clogging. Since linear drains have larger openings, it means there’s less chance for debris and soap to clog up the drains, resulting in a better shower experience.
  • More aesthetically pleasing. No more bumps and dips in your bathroom, shower, or other places where drainage is required. Linear drain systems can be installed flush with the floor and can even copy existing flooring designs to match the decor.

Where are linear drains used?

Linear drains are commonly used in the bathroom or for showers, but they can also be used around swimming pools, wetrooms, patios, and any other location where drainage is required. Here are a few places where we commonly install a linear drainage channel:

Bathrooms -Mainly used for draining water from wetrooms and showers.

Kitchens - Can be used to facilitate easier cleanup of your kitchen and to maintain a dry and clean workspace.

Outdoors - Often used to prevent potential flooding in outdoor areas, can prevent the pooling of water in areas like your driveway, and can also be installed around pool decks and patios.

Linear drainage systems can also have commercial applications, such as being installed in commercial restrooms to facilitate easier and more convenient cleaning or busy kitchens.


A linear shower drain is a great item to install in any bathroom, shower room, or wetroom. It’s aesthetically pleasing, functional, and easy to maintain and install. If you’re looking to renovate your bathroom, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us to learn more about linear drains, their applications, and the many different unique designs in our product range.

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