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Why Designer Low Profile Drainage Is The Best Option For Your Next Project


Drainage is essential for various architectural features, such as balconies. That’s because large, flat areas create runoff during rainstorms.

Previously, deep channel drainage was a popular option. Balconies and other spaces guided excess water to a metal grate covering a channel approximately 10 to 15 cm deep. However, modern low-profile drains as little as 3 to 5 cm deep can achieve similar flow rates when installed correctly.

Aquabocci is a leading brand of low-profile drains for balconies and other applications. Its products are sleek and “flush” to the ground, perfect for indoor-outdoor spaces.

Its low-profile drainage products have a slim channel that collects water from the surface. Runoff flows into a pipe in the primary drainage system, away from the building.

But why are these drains the best option for your next balcony project? Here, we explain.

Aquabocci launches 2 new low profile drains for the Australian market.

Both products are available in 4 colours, and our standard lengths and corner pcs.

The all new A25 Ultra low profile drain is just 25mm deep allowing it to be installed in almost any location. The product is so shallow it can be installed within the tile bed on top of a concrete slab or any area with a shallow build up.

The all new R-47 Low threshold drain only 88mm deep including the side entry and membrane sheet. The product connects directly to the sliding or bi-fold door and collects the water from the door track to allow for a flush finish to your balcony.



Multiple Installation Options

The main reason for choosing Aquabocci low profile drains is the sheer number of installation options they give you. You can draw up plans to install them in several locations, including the front side of the terrace walls, the centre of the floor along the middle of a V-shaped slope, or attached to the door threshold. According to the brand, any combination of drainage solutions is possible to enable more versatile designs.


Having multiple options makes design work more manageable. You can draw up plans for virtually any layout for clients, shifting drainage solutions around according to their needs. 
Aquabocci says that the most common installation areas for its low profile drains are swimming pools, balconies and gardens, wet rooms, and shower areas. You can also use them on driveways and attach various syphons to stop odours. 

Easy To Install

Construction firms also benefit when you specify Aquabocci drainage solutions in your designs. Low profile drains are easy to install and maintain and suitable for concrete, tiles, composite decking or wood. Excavation and cutting are minimal, and units sit flush on the floor – perfect for high-spec builds. 
Each Aquabocci drain comes in 1200mm or 2400mm lengths, which contractors can cut to fit the dimensions of the planned area. The brand also supplies 90-degree corner pieces, providing a sharp, angled look, perfect for terrace perimeters. Architects can envision elaborate designs without worrying they might be too complex to fit. 

Elegant Design

Aquabocci’s low-profile drainage also has elegant and modern designs. As evidence of this, the brand recently won a Red Dot Design Award for one of its threshold EPDM and marine aluminium threshold drainage systems. 

Delving into specific products, the slimline S66 Low Profile drain is an excellent example of the company’s design philosophy in practice. The gulley features a simple grille-like drain entrance with a shallow, hidden channel just inches below the ground. The ultra-thin format evokes a sense of modernism and elegance, making it suitable for high-spec properties, including luxury homes. Contractors can assemble the system into various shapes and attach spigots to any position to connect to 2- and 4-inch pipes. 

The A30 low-profile drain is another excellent example of the company’s approach. Watermark Certified, contractors can cut it to any length, and it is salt and chlorine-safe, making it ideal for poolside applications. The fast assembly fitting system is built into the product, and builders can remove it quickly with Aquabocci’s lifting key. 
Lastly, there is the award-winning R-47 x Blade Threshold Drain. Again, contractors can cut this to any length, and it features a fast-assembly system with various internal and external corner pieces. As such, your creative potential as an architect is endless.

Colour Options

Finally, Aquabocci’s low Profile Drainage comes in four colour options across all models. These include GT Silver, matte Black, light gold Champagne, and Titanium anthracite.

The brand settled on these colours because they complement contemporary and classic architecture, giving architects more choice over where and how to install them. You can use them in ultra-modern, chic, or luxurious environs. 
All Aquabocci low-profile drains are made of special marine-grade aluminium that won’t tarnish. While regular aluminium is highly corrosion-resistant thanks to the formation of the oxide layer on the metal’s surface, the marine-grade version contains a blend of additional metals that make it suitable for a more sweeping array of environments. 
Explore our full range of low-profile drains and find the perfect option for your next project. Get free samples on request.

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