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Design Meets Function With Aquabocci's New Channel Drain Product Range

That there’s a need to remove excess water from patios, driveways, and other surfaces is unquestionable since standing water can cause structural damage that can be expensive to repair. The question is how to remove that water efficiently. In this day and age, there are plenty of different options available to homeowners, architects, and builders.

The channel drain is an ever-popular drainage system that is often the go-to option thanks to its effectiveness and other advantages it holds over other drains. In this post, we’ll run through everything you need to know about channel drains, including what they are, how they work, and their advantages.

But if you already know that you need a channel drain, then don’t hesitate to check out our selection here at Aquabocci. If you need any information about selecting the right one for your needs, then you can contact one of our team members by calling 020 3697 1252.

What to Know About Channel Drains

Let’s cut straight to the chase: channel drains serve to remove surface water. You’ll commonly find them used around impermeable surfaces, such as paved or tarmacked driveways, to prevent flooding. All that rainwater that we get here in the UK wants somewhere to go — it’s channel drains that ensure it can leave the property efficiently.

They have high water capacity and work using gravity; the water slopes downwards through the channel. There’s a grating on top to prevent debris from entering the drain.

Linear Drains

Channel drains are also called linear drains. So if you see the name linear drain, you can read it as channel drain; they’re interchangeable. Channel drains have become popular with homeowners not just because they’re effective at removing excess water, but also because of their aesthetic appeal — they’re sleek enough to enhance the homeowner’s stylistic preferences.

Most people have a choice between a linear drain or a centre drain. While centre drains are effective, they’re falling behind in favour compared with channel drains, which offer higher functionality and are more versatile. If you’re looking for a minimalist drain to add to your property, then a linear drain will be the right choice.

Slot Drains 

Slot drains are also similar to channel drains. In fact, they’re so similar that you’ll often see people using slot drains and channel drains interchangeably. However, this isn’t quite correct — there are differences, however minor.

Slot drains operate on the same system as channel drains, but the visible part of the system is different. Channel drains have a grating entranceway, but slot drains like the Blade-T use a discrete slot. There’s not much difference beyond that, so what contributes to the decision between a slot drain or a linear drain? It all comes down to aesthetic preference. It’s best to look at both types of products to see which one will be right for your project.

The Advantages of Channel Drains

Channel drains didn’t become the most popular drainage system by accident. It got that way because of the many advantages that it offers. Some of the key benefits of channel drains include:

They’re Effective

The most important aspect of a drain system is its effectiveness in removing excessive water. Channel drains like our S66 have been shown to be highly effective in this regard, and more efficient than centre drains. Since it works on a gravity system, you’ll need to have a downward slope leading towards the grated top. Once you have that, you’ll have a drainage system that can handle large volumes of water.

They’re Long Lasting

A drainage system like Aquabocci;s A30 wouldn’t be worth the cost and installation time if it had a short lifespan. Channel drains are usually extremely long-lasting, lasting as many as several decades. This is especially true if you invest in a quality channel drain made from quality materials. At Aquabocci, our products are manufactured using the finest materials and processes, ensuring long-lasting results.

They’re Easy to Install

Worried that the process of installing your drainage system will be long and expensive? Not when you invest in a channel drain. At Aquabocci, we’ve made our drainage systems as easy to install as possible. Our products use a fast assembly fitting system that means that homeowners can DIY the installation themselves, without having to pay for an expert contractor.

They Enhance The Home’s Curb Appeal

Most people don’t think of how their drainage system will impact their home’s appearance. But they notice it once it’s installed. Some drainage systems are unsightly and grab too much attention. This isn’t the case with Aquabocci drains. The minimalist, aesthetically pleasing system helps to elevate the home’s curb appeal. They tend to blend in seamlessly with their surroundings, and you can also choose from a range of different colours to get the one that’s right for the environment. They’re the perfect way to subtly nudge your home’s curb appeal, and thus its value, in the right direction.

Channel Drains: Customisable For Your Project

Channel drains are primarily functional. But we believe that there’s more to a product than simply function; they should also look the part. You’ll have a clear vision for your project, and you’ll know that the channel drain you install will have an impact on the overall look of the final result. Channel drains are highly flexible; at Aquabocci, for instance, the majority of our products are available in four colours (black, titanium, GT silver, and champagne). If you’re looking to add a touch of elegance to your next project, then a channel drain is the perfect choice.

Check Out the Aquabocci Range Today

If you’re in the market for a drainage system, then be sure to check out the range of quality products we have available here at Aquabocci. Our product range is available in four standard colours — champagne, titanium, GT silver, and black — that ensure our customers can find the right one for their project.

We’ve built our name on delivering innovative, quality drainage systems for all kinds of applications, and we’re confident that you’ll join our long list of happy customers once you add our effective, easy-to-install products to your home.

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