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The R-47 x Blade Is Where Threshold Drains And Slot Drains Collide.


Why R-47 x Blade Threshold Drains Are Ideal For Sliding And Bi-Fold Doors

Sliding and bi-fold doors are a natural upgrade for many homeowners. These units facilitate a seamless transition between indoor and outdoor areas, opening up properties and giving you freedom and space.

However, the devil is in the details. While these additions might look fantastic and offer exceptional utility, they require proper drainage.

That’s where products like the R-47 x Blade Threshold Slot Drain can help. These sit underneath doors, acting as channels for water to safely drain away from your home to prevent flooding, stopping it from getting in via your door tracks.

How Do Flush Threshold Drains Work? 

Regular threshold drains enable drainage at the door’s threshold – where indoor and outdoor areas meet. Builders and architects often raise thresholds to simplify drainage, so you enter most homes via a step. These designs do not require additional drainage other than possibly a gulley around the masonry if the property is on a slope.

The “flush” part of the flush threshold slot drain refers to the fact that it sits between indoor and outdoor surfaces of the same level. UK regulations say drains must channel water away from the home, which the R-47 x Blade Threshold Drain does.

What Are The Benefits Of R-47 x Blade Threshold Drains?


The benefits of the R-47 x Blade Threshold Drain are significant. Aquabocci flush threshold slot drains enable you to choose stunning bi-folding door designs for your home without worrying about water ingress during storms.

To add an extra incentive, the R-47 x Blade Threshold Drain won the Red Dot Design Award in 2019, with the jury concluding that it had “a carefully thought-out use of technology.” The open-side entry point has a membrane sleeve to carry water into the drainage channel, while efficient water removal is also possible via the top entry.

Here are some of the benefits of this threshold slot drain product:


Aquabocci makes the R-47 x Blade from corrosion-resistant material. The anodised aluminium grates won’t tarnish or tea-stain in regular rain or saltwater, making it ideal for homeowners with pools. The PVC channel is hard wearing and easy to cut to length on-site. To create your own custom length simply join straight lengths and corner pcs using the connectors and add spigot outlets in the location of your pipe work.

Assist The Flow Of Water

The R-47 x Blade also effectively directs the flow of water. As water flows through the door track weep holes directly into the R-47 x Blade Threshold Slot Drain PVC drainage channel and then into the groundwork pipes below. There is a membrane sleeve attached to the PVC channel which sits below the sliding door or bi-fold door to act as a barrier between the drain and the door track, collecting additional runoff via drainage holes.



Another benefit of the R-47 x Blade is its customisability. Homeowners can tailor its appearance to their indoor-outdoor designs. Adjustable features include:

  • The colour (a choice of 4 anodised colours, champagne, GT silver, titanium, and black)
  • Standard lengths of 2400mm and 1200mm and corner components

The result is a system that complements a broad selection of bi-folding doors.


Award-Winning Design

The R-47 x Blade also has an award-winning design, earning it the prestigious Red Dot Award mentioned above. It achieved this partly by being designed to appear invisible from specific directions. The functional elements sit below ground level, giving owners a flat walking surface that connects indoor and outdoor spaces seamlessly. Marine-grade aluminium construction will not tarnish in the presence of water.

Easy Installation

Another compelling benefit of the R-47 x Blade is its ease of installation. Even if you have modest DIY skills, you can probably install it yourself.

Aquabocci makes installation easy via the drain’s spigot pipe. This component glues to the underside of the PVC channel and connects to your groundwork pipes. This approach makes pipe positioning and placement more straightforward. Simply lay out the Aquabocci PVC channels on a table and cut them to your required length, then drill out the spigot holes in the location of your pipework and join the lengths together with the connectors, then screw on the end caps.

Get The Perfect Flush Finish

Finally, the R-47 x Blade makes it possible to achieve a perfect flush finish between indoor and outdoor spaces. Drains prevent water from flowing back into your interiors while remaining perfectly level with the ground, channelling run-off away to your regular storm drains via underground pipes. Most of the time, you won’t even know it’s there.

Make Your Property More Stylish

When it comes to making your property functional and stylish, proper threshold drainage is essential. Getting it right can mean the difference between getting the space of your dreams and not.

Finding suitable products used to be challenging, but Aquabocci’s R-47 x Blade Threshold Drain is a welcome addition to the market. It’s easy to install, discreet, and effectively drains water, even in the most violent storms, preventing puddles from seeping into your home.

If you want to install a threshold slot drain on your property, we suggest the R-47 x Blade. The award-winning design makes it a must-have fitting for anyone wanting to create stunning indoor-outdoor spaces. You can find more Aquabocci products, including swimming pool drains and wet room kits on the brand’s website. 

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