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All you need to know about flush threshold drains

What is a flush threshold drain?


The idea of a completely flush finish flowing from your living area is a look that most of us would like to achieve for our property.

However, there are a few reasons that this has been difficult to achieve and is still not possible for most building projects.


Firstly, many sliding door and bi-fold door systems contain large chunky sills and frames that are simply not designed to achieve a fully flush threshold. Many doors may allow a flush finish on the internal side however the shape of the sill and location of the drainage holes will not allow for the external floor finish to be installed flush with the top of the door track.

Secondly is the issue of draining the door track.  As water flows down the glass panels and into the sliding door or bi-fold door track, it is important that this water can escape and not finish up inside the property. 

Typically, the only way to drain the door track would be to expose the weep holes, which are located approx. 70mm - 100mm below the top of the door track. In doing this building regulations would require a 120mm to 150mm step down to your paving area, not allowing for a flush finish.  


Is it difficult to achieve a flush threshold?


The short answer is that it is not easy to achieve a flush threshold.

It is important to plan from the start by selecting the correct doors and working with a door company who has experience in achieving a flush finish. 

You will need to attach the door to a flush threshold drainage system with a side entry point and membrane, it is important not to use a U-shaped channel drain as these types of channel drains will not allow water into the side of the channel, resulting in the weep holes leaking water into your property.



How do you achieve a flush threshold?


The first step is to consult with your architect, contractor and glazing company that you would like to achieve a flush finish, getting it right from the start can be an important part of achieving the flush finish.

The second step to creating your flush finish is to choose a door system with a flush top sil. This will allow the tile to be installed flush on both internal and external sides of the door track  ( images attached )

The good news is that Aquabocci R-47 threshold drain can easily be attached to most flush door systems. The product is available in 1200mm and 2400mm lengths which can easily be cut to size on site. The fast assembly fitting system includes connectors, corner pcs and end caps and the outlets can be attached to any location along the channel, making it easy for your contractor or glazing company to install.



Who should I install my flush threshold drains ?


The complex design of the Aquabocci R-47 threshold drain makes it easy for your contractor or glazing company to attach the product to the door track. 


The first step is to select a door system that allows for a tile to be installed flush on both internal and external sides of the door track.



Which flush threshold drain will drain the weep holes in the door track?


The Aquabocci R-47 flush Threshold Drain has an open side entry point that allows the water to be

carried from the door track into the drainage channel, whilst also draining water from the

surrounding surface areas through the top entry point.  There is a membrane attached to the side of the channel drain that wraps under your door sill to carry the water from the weep holes into the channel and out through the groundworks.

The Aquabocci R-47 Flush Threshold Drain is available in 4 colours enabling you to match the grate to your door or tile finish. 



How long does it take to install a flush threshold drain?


There are several ways to install the Aquabocci R-47 threshold drain

The fastest way to install the product is during the door installation which will allow for the doors to be installed directly on to the membrane. 

If your doors are already installed, then you will need to slide the membrane beneath the door and for tricky installations the membrane sleeve slides off the channel.

To attach the top part of the plastic channel to your door it is recommended that you use double side tape or self-tap screws.


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