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Top tips for swimming pool drainage

Installing a swimming pool in your home may seem like it will be all fun and games, however it’s important to consider all of the requirements to ensure a safe pool and outdoor area. From fencing legislation, to CPR posters and even installing a swimming pool drain, it’s important not to forget the swimming pool necessities that don’t require inflating.


Why do you need a swimming pool drain?


Swimming pool drains are designed to keep those using the pool safe and to extend the longevity of your pool area. While you may anticipate that the amount of water splashed out of your pool will drain on its own or simply evaporate, this isn’t the case.


Water that stays sitting in puddles around your pool creates a hazard for anyone using the area and is often responsible for slips and falls. If water stays stagnant, pooling on your deck or patio it can also create the perfect conditions for rapid mold growth, often leaving stains long after the water has been removed.


If you’ve invested substantial money on landscaping or plants to create a beautiful and enjoyable pool area, not installing a pool drain will undo all your hard work. Without a drain surrounding your pool to divert any excess water, the water will instead find it’s own path, often eroding soil and drowning or chemical poisoning nearby plants. Installing a drain allows you to place a barrier between the pool water and your garden, protecting your outdoor landscape.


Finally, swimming pool drains also prevent debris from outside the pool being washed in during heavy rain. Debris in pools usually winds up clogging filter systems, so an initial installation of a quality pool drain will save you future costly pool filter repairs.


How do swimming pool drains work?


Running the external perimeter of your pool, swimming pool drains are designed to divert any excess water to an alternative location, preventing the unwanted pooling of water.


Are swimming pool drains dangerous?


As long as they’re of a high quality and installed correctly, swimming pool drains increase safety.


Top tips to choose the best swimming pool drain?


There are a few key things to keep front of mind when selecting a swimming pool drain.


 Safety considerations:

When choosing a swimming pool drain it’s integral to prioritise the safety of those using the pool area. Opt for a swimming pool drain that offers a non-slip finish to prevent any unnecessary falls.


Additionally, it’s highly recommended to choose a swimming pool drain that’s easy to clean. Algae, debris and dirt can all pass through your drainage system and you want to be able to clean these out when necessary. Not only will this reduce hazards in the pool area, it will also ensure your patio area stays looking brand new.


 Aesthetic considerations:


It’s likely you’ve put a lot of thought into the design and look of your poolside area, so it would be a shame to undo this with an unsightly drainage system. While many swimming pool drains are bulky or offered in only one colourway, Aquabocci has a range of both minimal and luxe looking drains to choose from.


The Aquabocci ribbon drain features an alluring silhouette for those who wish to add extra detail to their outdoor area, while the range of low profile and external drains have a ‘barely there’ look that won’t distract from other features of your pool. Most Aquabocci drains are available in four colourways, allowing you to select the one that best suits your home.


 Functional considerations:


Select a drain that can easily be cut to any length for custom installations. Pools are rarely a standard rectangle these days, so opt for a drain that is customisable to best suit your unique swimming pool area.


Make sure to check whether your swimming pool drain is chlorine and salt water safe, as forgetting this could end in you having to replace the drainage system in a short period of time.


All Aquabocci drainage systems are Anodized to 25 micron (marine grade) and are guaranteed not to rust, tea stain or oxidize around salt water or chlorine environments, including Aquatic Centres and seaside locations.


Types of swimming pool drains


Choosing your drain shouldn’t be hard. The Aquabocci product range allows you to select a different width or thickness, with profiles varying from 24mm to 120mm wide. Our range includes:


 S66 Swimming Pool Drain


With a profile 66mm wide x 43mm deep, this drain is commonly used in balcony and garden areas.


The Aquabocci S66 Slimline Low Profile Drain installed around the swimming pool at this recent project at Sunshine Beach.

The colour installed is GT Silver and all Aquabocci products include a 10 year warranty against salt and chlorine exposure.

Building Designer: Chris Clout Design, Sunshine Coast, Qld, Australia 

Builder:  SX Construction Buddina Qld

Photography: @patrick_oberem_photographer 


 Blade-T Swimming Pool Drain


The thinnest of our swimming pool drains, the Blade-T features a profile only 24mm wide x 48mm deep, perfect for creating a minimal look.


AQUABOCCI  BLADE-T  swimming pool drain in GT Silver colour


 A30 Swimming Pool Drain


The A30 features a profile 120mm wide x 35mm deep. This profile is commonly used around swimming pools, balconies and garden areas.


AQUABOCCI  A30  swimming pool drain in GT Silver colour 


A note on flow rate


It’s a common misconception that channel drains must be 100mm - 200mm deep to effectively drain water. However, flow rate is related to the number of outlets in the base of the drain, not the size of the channel.


Many modern projects can’t accommodate deep profiles, so Aquabocci manufactures a variety of different size spigot outlets; 50mm, 90mm and 100mm. The spigots are designed to be attached in any location along the PVC channel to increase the flow rate and allow for the drain to have a low profile.


If you find you still have further questions on flow rate or anything else, visit our swimming pool drains page or get in touch with Aquabocci and our friendly team will be happy to assist you!


020 3697 1252

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